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Record-keeping of digital resources and activities.

The MEMORIA project is a long-term project aiming to develop an experimental information system enabling the description, structuring, storage and analyse of the resources produced in our laboratory.

The underlying objective of the project is to describe not only a resulti.e. a resource, digital or not - but also its production history, in other words, the manner how each particular result was achieved.

All resources will be on the one hand expounded by a set of standard descriptors (e.g. format, authors, date of production, etc.) and on the other hand associated with a process (concept that should be understood as a chain of activities).

Each process will keep track of the institutional framework in which the work was carried out (organizations, projects, staff employed, etc.), as well as of the primary sources used in the analysis phase, or of the techniques and tools used to produce digital resources.

The critical feature of the approach should be a visual interface providing on one hand access to the results of queries on all resources (sorted by object of study, project, production process, etc.)
and on the other hand showing the evolution of methods, techniques and tools used over time, as well as types of activities mobilised to produce a given resource.

Ultimately, the project aims to combine a digital resource whatsoever (e.g. 3D model, 2D mapping, reference directory) with a set of descriptors in order to trace all actions mobilized to produce the resource, and therefore memorize not only the "final" digital document but also the cognitive approach that lead to its production, or at least its production process.

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